Will you give your baby puppy formula food?

24 Jun 2014 | by | Posted in: Puppy

Whether to give your puppy cerelac or not is a question that has haunted pet owners for a long time. The seasoned pet owners will give an exasperated reply saying a no but what happens to the novice pet owners or the new pet owner who has just got an adorable puppy home and want to gives it the best.  There are times that unknowingly we might do something harmful for our pets giving him or her cerelac is one of them.



You may love and adore your pet to death just like your son or daughter but remember that they are different from humans. Their digestive system is different, they have different nutritional requirements and above all their growth rates are different. Hence, you need a food that is different. They need a food that has been exclusively formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of your puppies.

There are some people who will swear by cerelac and even counter argue that their pet love it. So, why should they not give it to their pets?  Let’ s start from elaborating this first, the basic ingredient of cerelac or Farex is milk powder, which makes it palatable for your child. The presence of lactose makes it palatable for your child but on the contrary the same ingredient can be allergic to most of the puppies. Even the mother’s milk in dogs does not have lactose.

It is very important to know the nutritional value of the products that you give to your pet. As, allergies for puppies can fatal for them. Your puppy grows on a much faster pace than a human baby, hence it is important to feed him or her right amount of food and according to the breed of the dog

Every breed will have their own specific requirements to ensure a healthy growth. There are a lot of different food that is recommended by vets to puppies to ensure health and assist in a healthy development of the bones and teeth. Any good specially formulated puppy food such as Starter Food from Royal Canin has appropriate amount of proteins and nutrients in it, which is quintessential for all growing dogs.  You can choose any one as per the need of your breed.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin understands the need of every individual breed and has introduced starter food with the specific nutrients that will ensure healthy bones and maintain the coat of your pet. You can choose from Mini Breed Starter, Medium Breed Starter, Maxi Starter and Giant Starter for your pet.

It mostly needs proteins derived from a meat source. The starter food is light on the digestive system and does not put any kind of pressure to the already fragile digestive system and also helps in the smooth transition from mothers milk to solid food.

The growth of a puppy and a human baby is very different, their digestive system is different and so are their nutritional requirements. They would need some specific ingredients in their diet to ensure growth, cerelac mostly contains cereals and milk along with some fruits, which is not beneficial for the puppy.  In fact at times some of these fruits may be a hazard for your puppy such as apples.

The transition from mother’s milk to other food is not easy. This is a difficult time for your pet and you have to ensure that he or she is able to make this transition without any hiccups. The Lactol powder from Beaphar will help you in the same; it is made from quality whey protein, which closely resembles the mother milk for your pet. The powder is palatable and the additional amino acid content helps to maintain a healthy digestive system.

The other product that can be the perfect substitute to mother’s milk is Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk for Puppies, which is the perfect milk replacer for your pet. It contains ultra-digestible proteins that do not harm the digestive functions of your puppy and the formulation is almost similar to that of the mother’s milk. This is also a necessity for bitches who have had a C section; they cannot feed their puppies.



Next time you get a puppy home remember that the food has to be the stepping stone to a healthy life. So choose judiciously.

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