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Wire haired dog stripping for show

28 Mar 2010 | by | Posted in: Grooming

Wire haired dogs show stripping 

Stripping of wire hair coat is pulling out 3 or 4 hairs of outer coat at a time in the direction of the lay,so that a new hair grows.Around 12 weeks is the time a hair takes to grow ,and stays nice for some weeks and then to fall off.Now in wire haired terriers,the hair does not fall off but remains loosely attached .This is called blown outcoat .This happens at approx.21/2 to length.A dogs outer coat hair has a harder shiny and bright tip approx.1/3rd length from tip.

wire haired dogs.jpg

Source: adoptapet.com

Remaining portion of the hair is hollow ,soft and dull colored.Once the coat is blown or ready to fall off,it including the tip starts to fade and soften.Unless this hair is helped out,new hair under its follicle or root can not emerge.The whole coat looks duller ,messy and as it becomes softer,can matt very easily.But if this hair is pulled out,new ,shinny hard tipped hair will emerge and the coat looks great.This is called wire haired coat.It does not tangle.There is another layer of coat under this wire hair coat called undercoat,which is soft and insulating wihch may be cut  once outer coat is plucked.There are tools to remove or thin out seperated for stripping(plucking).Undercoat can not be plucked and this coat. But if it is cut alongwith outer coat even once, both hairs would be of same height,and can not be can be painful to dog.It does not blow.Stripping blown outer coat is almost(it has to sit in one place) enjoyed by It is not necessory and very expensive if at all u find a groomer to do hand stripping.But for a show dog it must dog if done properly,hv the wire hair texture and that means hand stripping.As a pet dog u can get the coat cut regularly,and will hv a dog with softer and slighty duller coat.In case of the age of 6-7 months,and first one or two times coats will be a bit smoother ,subsequently it will be harder.do westies the coat will be cottony white instead of shiny silvery white.Generally,puppies blow their first coat at not wash the dog too frequently if u want wire hair coat.Oil/ghee in food also should be less than for other dogs.For pet groomed (i.e.if coat is cut) it does not matter as anyway coat is going to be soft.

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