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World For All: Helping to reduce the suffering of dogs

21 Jun 2013 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

The name says it all, World for All a NGO, gives voice to all those who cannot speak for themselves.They want to create a world where everyone will be treated as equal. The most faithful companion for mankind are sometimes treated very harshly by some of us. WFA stands for those who give unconditional love and unprecedented loyalty just to be betrayed and robbed of love by some humans. They help to provide shelter to all stray and abandoned animals.
Here Pet Santa had a one on one with the promoters, Ruchi Nadkarni and Taronish Bulsara who chose to do the noble deed of giving a voice to those who need it.
word for allQ: Tell us the story behind your organization?
Taronish: As any other organization, WFA started on a fateful day when a rescued puppy needed a home.  Ruchi and I could not see the puppy wandering the streets aimlessly. We started a group online that got the attention of thousands and helped home several abandoned animals after the initial support. Gradually, we got together to collect funds for rescued animals, and on January 17, 2010, we founded and inaugurated animal welfare NGO, World For All. We have been working to provide for them ever since.
Since it came into existence, we are making every effort to reduce the suffering of animals, which are either born on the streets or abandoned by their heartless owners. We provide medical aid and shelter to all rescued animals. Our aim is to reduce the number of animals on the road through our regular sterilization drives. We want people to come forward and adopt Indian breeds. This will discourage breeders putting stop to these budding breeding mills.
Q: Throw some light on the various reasons animals gets abandoned?
Taronish: Pets often get abandoned when owners feel that having a pet is a maintenance issue, they do not want to spend the time and money onthem. We take pride in the fact that we have successfully managed to home various abandoned pets and pedigreed breeds that have been left in the streets to fend for themselves. We commonly witness pedigree breeds being abandoned on the streets. They are just not capable of adapting themselves to the streets.
Once we rescue an animal, it is taken to a foster home until we can find it a permanent home. If the animal requires immediate medical attention, then animal is sent to the hospital for treatment and then to a shelter or foster home until it recovers and is ready for adoption.
Q: What do you think can be done to promote pet adoption and spread awareness against animal abuse?
Taronish: I think that it is very important for people to know that when you bring home a pet, he or she will require your attention it may take time to adjust to the surroundings. Please be patient to them. One has to propagate that pets cannot be bought on whims and fancies. Pedigree breeds cannot adjust to the street; they do not have the basic skills to look for their food or for vehicles, which is on roads. Please think twice to ensure that you will have time and energy to provide care for your pet.
Our aim is to promote Indian breeds and discourage breeders. Indian breeds are acclimatised to the Indian weather, are low maintenance and more resilient. We look at re-homing strays and rescue as many animals that need our saving. We hope to reduce in-breeding amongst animals thus promoting healthier, stronger animals, which are more fit for survival.
word for allQ: What is the process of adopting a pet?
Taronish: The adoption process is fairly simple. When an animal is fit for adoption, we put up photographs and details of the animal on our website and Facebook page. We speak to all prospective pet owners and conduct a house check to ensure the viability of keeping a pet and complete the required paperwork. We have one on one with all prospective owners and ensure that they are aware of the responsibilities and to garner their ability to provide quality lodging and medical treatment when required.
Q: Do you take volunteer? If yes then how can they contribute?
Taronish: We are always in the need for volunteers. This could include people who love animals and are good at handling or someone who can rescue animals from the street. We need people for responding to emergencies, foster homes or someone who can just create awareness or help us to raise funds for work.
Q: What is the message that you would like to share with the world?
Taronish: We believe the best way to reduce animal abuse is by involving children in the adoption awareness drives and activities that include animals. We organize regular campaigns to promote all adopted Indian breeds. At present we are involving colleges and schools in awareness for promotion of adoption of Indian breeds.
We additionally organize regular campaigns to promote the adoption of Indian breeds. We prepare the presentations and we organize a bi annual adopt a thon to promote adoption of dogs.
It is heartening to see that there are more and more people coming forward to initiate such causes or just providing support to the existing ones. The social networks have provided a massive push to these campaigns. There is a growing awareness for these campaigns but it is still a long way to go. The work of people like Ruchi and Taronish is commendable in this genre. Like Robert Frost said it is miles to go before I sleep. The destination is still far off but with determined effort we are bound to reach there.
As narrated to PetSanta.in

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