What would you do if this happens to you?

15 May 2010 | by | Posted in: Story from Pet Lover


What would you do if this happens to you?

The story goes something like this...

 A boy bought a great dane puppy (female). He rises her till 1 yr and 3 months.. Then he goes to London for further studies.. His family members don't like keeping pets at home. They gave this great dane to a friend of his.. The 1 who was given this bitch cant afford keeping and feeding a great dane so he gave that bitch to a relative of his. The relative of that person owns a boys hostel... When the dog arrives at the hostel he notices a dog barking at the ground floor..

The boy was a dog lover and he had a dog at home which died 10 months ago... He used to miss that dog a lot.. When he herd the barking he found that that was a giant breed.. he went to the ground floor and saw that dane.. He came to know that it was a great dane. he went to her and fed her.. The dog was not in a good condition. The boy used to make her bath and fed her everyday but he had his college so he was not able to look after her properly. 4 moths passed this way and the dog was so close to him that whenever the boy used to leave for home she won't eat for 2 days properly. He asked his hostel owner to take her home and the owner permitted him. The boy brought the dane home and his family members were very glad to have a dane at their place.. They all loved her a lot. When she arrived at home she was just a skeletal structure. The family fed her the best they could and made her healthy.  Then after 6 months the dog gave birth to 10 puppies and the Hostel owner was informed by the boy.. he told him everything. The hostel owner informed this news to the 1 who gave him the dog. After 45 days the dog's owner's brother came to the boys home and asked for 5 puppies.. they denied and gave them 2 puppies.. then while he was going back he took the older bitch with him in his car...

now the Family members could argue more as it was their dog but i must ask you all that is this fair??? To leave the when you are fed up of it and again bringing back home as you see making money from her..

I would like to know your opinions about this. Please respond to this article as soon as possible...

I am the boy who brought the dane from my hostel.


Plz contact any animal welfare society. U can lodge a cruelty against animal case by stating the whole story, how thw bitch was abondoned & not looked after. Also mention that the previous owner gave her away to somebody & the second owner gave her to you. If you can manage to get some witnesses who will state the bad condition of the bitch before u started to take care of her then u will surely have some advantages.
Generally once u give away a dog to somebody else u cant take it back. Complain to the police that they took ur dog forcibly.

By: Runni | 15 May 2010

this is very bad. dear why you tell abt the puppies to the owner while they have no interest in the bitch.they r selfish people dont understand the feelings of someone who is a true animal lover.

By: SUNNY | 15 May 2010

Hi, Raghavan,

I feel sorry for this kind of incidence, it happend with me but it was a bull dog the dog owner gave it for me for adoption, when the dog was ready for litter he took it for crossing & gave back to me for littering i that litter she gave birth to a cute boy the parent dog sufferd with some probelm she did not litter any puppy for 2 day nearly 4 pups were stuck in her stomach, the dog owner let it on it on i took the dog to hospital i moved my puppy nearly 7 hospitals in hyderabad in a day to bring her back it was a horrable situation to me, finaly the dog was out of danger on the third day, thanks to my vet Mr. Rao he saved my dog, after all this we have only 1 puppy alive out of the litter,

After 45 day the dog owner / Breeder can to my home where my mother was alone he started shouting in from of my house asking for both pup and parent she made a mess at my house, my mom called me as informed me about this i spoke to that owner he denied to give the pup to me insted he said he will pay me 15000/- for what i did and force fully took the pupy from me when i reached home the pup and dog was taken away from me. we are yet in strees we all lover our baby boy jojo i there any thing we can do to this kind of people, he was talking very commercialy like a business man please i request one and all who reads my comment to reply what kind of action we can take on such kind of person.

write to me on my id would even give that guys no. for punishing him this incedent happed in hyderabad and the breeder / owner name is ashwin
and i am the person who was cheted i even offerd him price to buy that pup he was expeciting around 55000/- for it.

By: vijith | 15 May 2010

You or your mother should have called the police station for the the so called dog owner making a nuisance and then given full details of how the original dog had come to you in the first place and the expenses you underwent with Dr. Rao (who too could act as witness to this sordid matter), etc. etc. Even now it is not too late to complain to the police and the so called dog owner can be charged with intimidation and theft and monetary penalty imposed on him/her. Also go through the THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ACT, 1960 issued by The Animal Welfare Board of India, Chennai, for relevant sections to be quoted to the police.

By: gspal | 15 May 2010

Arjoon Raghavan
thank you all for your support and i am glad that you responded to me so quick.. thank you all a lot...

By: Arjoon Raghavan | 15 May 2010

Hameed Sulaiman
If you have proof that you had the dog for six months with you, you can file a case that they stole your dog. I can help you with that but first were are you from ?

By: Hameed Sulaiman | 16 May 2010

Arjoon Raghavan
Yeah, she was with us since last 8 months..
I am from Baroda. I would be very grateful to you if you could help me out in some or the other way.

By: Arjoon Raghavan | 16 May 2010

Hameed Sulaiman
I don't have friends there but you can start by filing a theft case. you had it for 8 months then this is yours. If you delay now you can not claim it back.

By: Hameed Sulaiman | 16 May 2010

file a case against them...n yeah it is not at all fair...ask them if the dog would have died???u were the one who cared for her loved her....n u were the one who saved her...u should get ur doggie back by hook or crook...they took it away na..nw its ur chance ..go n get ur sweety back..n i wish u all d best ...n plz keep me updated about ur doggie ...i wanna know...

By: kalpana | 22 May 2010

Michelle Kumar
If the dog could speak, I am sure she would choose you to be with - in any case, I know fighting cases and lodging complaints can be a painful process in this country but keep on fighting - the prayers and good wishes of all animal lovers are with you and I am sure you will win - as for that selfish family - they will pay for their sins eventually

By: Michelle Kumar | 15 Jun 2010

dear arjun..
i am so sorry about this..
please file the case in police station and give them some photos of your and your darling dog.. for a proof so they can investigation hardly and you can also take help of any ngo or any of your relative who is in police..
i blesses with you ...
they are selfish .so, dont care about him who they are just file the case of stolen dog..
otherwise tell him that you want to buy that dog and see their response...

By: jayraj | 26 Aug 2010

Arjoon Raghavan
I bought the dog from them at Rs. 20000/-

By: Arjoon Raghavan | 29 Dec 2010

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