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What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong! Pet Grooming Hazards

21 Sep 2008 | by | Posted in: Grooming


Pet Grooming Hazards 


We have all heard horror stories about pet groomers who do more harm than good in their workplace. It must be said that all groomers love animals or else they would not have embark on this career path to begin with. However, the high percentage of careless accidents that happen during pet grooming is inevitable when we work with sharp instruments, water and electricity. These ingredients make a recipe for disaster waiting to happen! Careless groomers are mainly the cause of serious cuts, accidents and sometimes death of clients’ pets.  Even skilled and compassionate groomers are not spared the occasional accident. The difference is the severity and frequency of these unfortunate incidences. Pet grooming should be done with love, dedication and enjoyed. The below mentioned list some very basic yet pertinent points to prevent accidents in the grooming premise. 


Source: smexcellence.com.au


Ear Hygiene Precautions


  • Never insert cotton buds deeper than you can see when cleaning the ears. It may lead to middle & inner ear injury. Groomers have no business entering the middle ear let alone the inner ear. It is best left to vets to clean and treat .
  • Use forceps with respect as they can rupture or tear tissues of the ear. 


Bathing Precautions:


  • Never leave a dog unattended in the bathtub even when it’s restrained
  • Poisoning by ingesting shampoo and pest preventive chemicals.
  • Ear irritation leading to cankerous infection by allowing ingress of water
  • Eye irritation leading to temporary blindness and ulcers 


Blow Drying/ brushing Precautions:


  • Never leave a dog unattended in a crate dryer- Death can result from heat stress and dehydration after only a short time confinement
  • Brush burns by harsh & careless use of slicker brush leading to skin abrasion.
  • Burns caused by concentrated application of direct hot air jet.
  • Scratched eye corneas from careless brushing
  • Electrocution caused by nearby electric source when animal is still damp 


Clipping Precautions:


  • Never leave a dog unattended on grooming table. Falling may cause concussions, dislocations/ fractures or hanging by restraining leash.
  • Cuts caused by careless clipper usage. Cuts on webbings may need stitching
  • Clipper burns will cause dermal damage. Check and constantly recheck heat generated by prolonged blade use.
  • Sterilize all blades to prevent cross contamination. 


Scissoring Precautions:


  • Profuse bleeding will occur if nipples, tongue, eyelids are lacerated.
  • Never leave your scissors opened on the table with the pet unattended.
  • Anticipate and carry out preemptive actions for fidgety dogs 
  • Most accidents can be prevented if care & logic are exercised. Keep practicing to anticipate and take preventive actions till it becomes second nature. We are HUMAN and not perfect, however better animal welfare is possible if we Learn to Expect the Unexpected! This will prevent injuries to yourself and the pet that you have been entrusted to groom. 
  • The hallmark of every successful groomer is having a smart looking dog, happily wagging its tail while leaving your grooming salon. Be safe, skilled, ethical. Dedicated continual learning and keeping abreast of new skills and the latest pet grooming trends is a must for all pet grooming professionals.   

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