"Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today, it is a gift. That's why it's called present" - Leo

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leo 5

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery but today, it is a gift. Maybe that’s why it is called present – make the most of it before it becomes history” - Quotes Leo, from his favourite movie Kung Fu Panda

As the car parks in the drive way and the gate closes, there is a pitter patter of feet inside the house. A loud booming bark followed by a relatively smaller but all the more excited bark fills the house. Tail wags have become intense, there is excitement in the air, just like it always is – Di (elder sister) is home and its fun time again!

In the past we have interviewed young exuberant puppies and the quirky teenage super models but never had the chance to meet a dog whose wisdom and maturity reflect in the little grey hair on his / her face. On meeting Leo, the handsome, poised, and graceful 10 year old German Shepherd of Vidhi Malla – Owner & Pack Leader, Pawtales, I fully understood the meaning of the proverb “age is just a number, maturity a state of mind”. His soft eyes speakvolumes of the love and care that has been bestowed on him all through his life, his tale wag reflect the happy times and memories he has created with his family and siblings and how age is just the number of candles on his birthday cake.

DogSpot: How old were you when you first met your family?

Leo: I was around a year old when I chose Vidhi Di and decided to stay with her. I think she fell in love with my majestic persona and extremely good looks, as for me, it was her fun and caring nature that made me think, she will do well being my best buddy. I don’t regret that decision and guess what! it is the best decision of my life.

leo 1

Sultan & Hulk - They have each other's back, always

DogSpot: Who is your favorite person in the house?
Leo: Hmm, let’s see! I love mum coz she is the most amazing person I know. Vidhi Di got married and moved to a new house with Saurabh bhaiya, but I stayed back with Mum, Dad and my younger brat of a brother – Hulk to take care of all of them. Mum feeds me, takes care of me and loves me to bits. She disciplines me a lot too as I love to sit on the bed with Dad and have a serious man – to – man chat, but mum does not like me getting on the furniture, so that’s’ when she scolds.

Dad is pretty chilled out. We share a laugh when mum scolds; discuss important things like what to eat for dinner and how to get an extra treat. However, for some reason, Vidhi Di is my favorite person, probably because I chose her and met her before I met the rest of the pack.

Leo 3

My bed, my toys, my rules

DogSpot: I am sure that as a grown up you would have been entrusted with the responsibility to pass on your wisdom to your younger siblings. How has that worked out for you?
Leo: Oh! Responsibility is a bad treat. I have a lot of siblings – Hulk, Chuha, Liza, Brownie, Theo, Fighter and Jack and unfortunately teaching them the ways of life got poured in my bowl of life. These kids were crazy, I tell you. They would jump and get all hyper and excited and at times nip friends and family who would come to visit. I had to sit them down and explain that what looks cool to them might scare people off. 

Being calm and composed is the way to lead life. You can’t mess up with that mantra! I think I have been able to teach that to everyone except for my brother Hulk, but then I don’t blame him, he has a rough life being unwell.

Leo 4

On the bed - the most comfortable place

DogSpot: I am sure your memory scrapbook would be full of beautiful memories with friends and family. Would you like to share your favourite one?
Leo: (Eats a treat and settles down on his favorite bean bag) I have lots of memories – mostly with Vidhi Di, mum and my siblings but the ones I cherish are the car rides with Di. I love car rides, they are so much fun – with the head out of the window, the air beneath the chin and an occasional treat when the traffic stops – my absolute favourite. I go for my car rides with Vidhi Di, we discuss her day tell her about mine and watch the world go by. 

leo 6

With Vidhi Di

DogSpot: You would have heard a lot of stories of dogs being abandoned. Most dogs are senior dogs like your self who were abandoned in shelters and sometimes on the roads. Is there any advice you would like to give to pet parents out there?
Leo: Yes, often Vidhi Di would tell me that she met an old dog who had been abandoned and left to fend for one. I cannot even think of how scary that would be – alone, old and left alone in a strange loud place. All I would like to say to pet parents out there is that put yourselves in our paws and see if you would like to be abandoned in your old age. We are very simple beings, us dogs. We thrive on love and care (and a nice chewy bone too) and nothing comforts us more than being with the family we love – especially when we are old and vulnerable.

DogSpot: You don’t look your age, what is the secret to your fitness?
Leo: Paww! You are tail waggingly nice. Food and regular exercise is what keeps me fit. Mum and Di are very particular about my meals and exercise and that shows on my health. 

DogSpot: Are you actively involved in managing the children at PawTales? 
Not really (eyeing his favourite toy) I have been to PawTales twice and have met the kids there but it’s mostly Vidhi Di who manages the entire set up. Though I am amazed at how hyper and excited the new generations of kids are. For instance, there are two kids at PawTales called Pilla and Pilli and all they do is run about, bump into people and other dogs and create a mess. Last time I was there I tried to give them a piece of my mind and teach them the ways of the world but realized they are a lost case. 


Vidhi & Leo - hand & Paw Print

DogSpot: Last question Leo, as a dog who has seen the world, are there any pearls of wisdom you have for the kids who are yet to explore the bright new world?
Leo: (yawning, I guess it’s his bed time) Love like there is no tomorrow and trust like it’s the only thing that will keep you happy. Always be hopeful, whether you are in a shelter or out on the street, as you never know when destiny will hold your hand and lead you to a house filled with love, care and happy memories. Love your family, they will keep you safe and protect you from the big bad world, not to forget that they will love you and cherish you till it is time to say goodbye.

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that our darling Leo crossed over the rainbow bridge to heaven peacefully in his sleep on Tuesday 25th August 2015. Even on his last day, he was loved, cared for and cherished by his family and siblings. Au revoir Leo till we meet again!

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