Yorkie, The Dog With Luxury Doggie Fashion Line

01 Aug 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

You think you are a fashion blogger and know the current trends? Well, No, you are not the only one here. Meet Lottie, the Yorkie pooch who has incredible fashion sense and her own luxury doggie fashion line. Her humans are into the fashion industry and hence her break into the fashion world was inevitable. The CEO of Marchesa, Edward Chapman took Lottie to work every day and return with posh cashmere sweaters.


Image Source: Readytowagnyc


Her other human, Katy Shell noticed that the adorable dog looked further cuter in those chic sweaters. Helena Lau, the executive director of R&D at Marchesa used scraps of left over fabric in the company and designed the cuddly sweaters for Lottie. That’s what struck Katy and that made her work towards Atelier, a luxury line for dog accessories and apparel.


Image Source: Readytowagnyc

After some time, Schell and Lau both joined hands together and launched a website called Ready To Wag with all the luxury dog brands under one roof. Lottie is camera’s favorite or vice-versa. She knows her angles and models flawlessly.


The Gramercy Cashmere Turtleneck Pet Sweater suits Lottie the best.


Image Source: Readytowagnyc


Apart from modeling for the website, the chic and cute Yorkie has an impressive fan following on Instagram. She has over 4000 followers there.

After scrolling through her insta account, her love for fashion is pretty palpable. She loves shoes. Look how happy her face is around them. *Pure Bliss*


Image Source: Readytowagnyc


Her fulfilling smile and adorable face just makes our day.


Image Source: Readytowagnyc

Send us pictures of your dog and let us see how creative you with your mutt are when it comes to fashion. Also, don’t forget to check out the ultra cool t-shirts for your four-legged buddy here.

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