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If your Society members are opposing you,for keeping a PET in your home.

16 Oct 2010 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Well i have come across many news regarding Society members creating problems and opposing PET (DOG) owners for keeping pets in there homes.

They are imposing fines,issuing notice to pet lovers, n even force to leave there pets, or the society.

In such situation , You have all the rights to adopt a pet. No one can ask you to leave your society,even if you live in rented apartment, on the basis of the animals nor can they ask you to leave the animals or not to keep them. Go to the police station and register a case of harassment and molestation and everything else you can think of against the society chairman/members by name, if he/they refuses to let you keep one. Get a lawyer to send him/ them a letter . and still if there is any more problem , you can log on to Mrs. Maneka Gandhi's foundation site 'People for Animals' site and they will guide you in best ways - the URL is https://www.peopleforan imalsindia.org or you can do is you can directly ask your query or tell your problem on this link https://www.peoplefor animalsindia.org/ask-mrs-manek a-gandhi.htm ,which will go to the "People for Animals" Head Office at Delhi and they will help you out.                                          

There  have been several court decisions against RWAs who harass their tenants for dogs. In Mumbai the RWA chairman was fined Rs 5000 for harassment by the court. 


bhai,aur kisi ko roko na roko per isko mat rookna,pet rekne se

By: Nishub | 17 Oct 2010

prabhat ranjan
i faced some similar problem & was helped by Ms. Menenka Gandhi (people for animals) & Ms.Vasanthi Kumar( STRAW).
I you face any problem with your pet , do not hesitate to contact them.

By: prabhat ranjan | 18 Oct 2010

@Nishub this is serious issue & blog. Kindly don't throw such condescending commends . For meaningless blabber there are other social networking sites .

@Topic , Yes PFA is the strongest organization in this matter . Mrs Gandhi takes personal interest in such matters . I am speaking from experience .

By: DoggieDawg | 22 Oct 2010

@DoggieDawg : Agreed with u. Sometimes I've also faced problems while taking my dog for a walk. Some rude people abuse the dog and owner. As a case with me at night walk --I had strictly talked to those old men who wanted to teach me some cleanliness lessons though it was a dump area. Some people like to become leader of the area, but none of the effort done by them for it. just blame the people who r more or less looking polite. But the owner with a pet cant be always polite for the sake of his pet.

By: Bijal | 01 Nov 2010

Sri Charan
That was an extra ordinary blog dear!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... . No ends for my happiness..................... ............. Planning to relocate my jockey to the earliest possible. Great work. AAhaaaa...................... Thank you chooo chooo much chweety..................

By: Sri Charan | 07 Nov 2010

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